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SKU: 157
Debugging allows you turn on smarty fields and what items are in what templates at a flip of the switch. best of all its FREE. A Gift from Geomodules.com
SKU: 756756756756756767
Full control over every category and every ad in your system. What else can it called except for STEALTH!
SKU: 7567567567567567
Allow your users to have their own paypal button in the classifieds. Attach to your own price plans. Works for storefronts.
SKU: 654654645645645
Add 200 extra smarty pages to your site
SKU: 174
Would like to have a arrow at the bottom right for when the user scrolls down to far they can just push one button and scroll up.
SKU: 51
Count down timer is animated and generates more customers registering.
SKU: 6757567567567567
Image Magic - when the user places the mouse over the thumbnails a larger image opens. Allowing faster surfing for customer.
SKU: 657567575
Water mark your images works in live time.
SKU: 43563454353
Cookie Law Compliance
SKU: 546456546546
Can you imagine typing in 20,000 categories the spelling mistakes you will make alone. With this addon it will pull all the categories from ebay and ad them into your site.
SKU: 567547654675675
Display large sold image on ads so users do not get confused.
SKU: 176
This addon will show your php information and server info on the fly.
SKU: 67578
Pop Up pro allows you to really grab the users attention. When they come to your site the background fades and you can display a video to them
SKU: 171
You can have quick select price plan choices in 5 minutes.
SKU: 153
Display the store front logo in the ads themselves and the stores
SKU: 172
Do you need content for your site? Then the SEO slider is the ticket
SKU: 162
bubble slides into screen to display your message
SKU: 170
Generate Passwords On The Fly To Protect Yourself.
SKU: 5tert
Allow your used to delete there own accounts.
SKU: 56756756756756756
Allows you to reset the ad views to zero with pushing a button.